Why hire a Professional Arcade Route Operator?

Anybody can go out and buy their own video games or vending machines for their own business, but hiring a professional will equal more money for you and happier customers. I will list some reasons why you should hire a professional.

  1. Maintenance: Arcade machines take a beating! Kids are constantly banging on them, shoving foreign objects into the coin slots, and just doing whatever! The Pros have seen it all, and have made tweaks to handle this type of abuse. Pros know what parts can take a beating and hold up longer to keep the machine making money uninterrupted.

  2. Electronics: Arcade machines do break down. There are lots of parts in these games; power supplies, game PCB's, monitor chassis, sound amps, motion sensors, motor drivers and even more parts! You have to know how to fix these things and who to send it to when it is too complicated. Who do you send your monitor chassis to? A Pro knows and will have that thing back up and running in a week. If they're really good they will fix it right there or just have a back up working monitor chassis to throw in and get the machine back up and running that day!

  3. Pros know which games make the most money. Just because it's a video game and looks fun to you doesn't mean anyone else is going to like playing it!

  4. How much do arcade games cost? It's really easy for someone that has never bought an arcade game to pay way too much for a game. You also have the problem of buying a game for too much and it's a game that no one will ever want to play, plus you paid too much and you can't even sell it for what you bought it for and loose money!

  5. Rotating a game: A Pro knows that games can grow stagnant! Once a game has been in place for six months or a year, a Pro will take that game out, put in something different and the place is back to making more money again!

  6. Games are really heavy and take special equipment to move them. A Pro will know this in advance and will be prepared, also, hiring a Pro prevents you from having to move the games yourself.

Those are six reasons to hire a Professional, I am sure there are more reasons, but this is just to give you an idea that a Professional Arcade Route Operator does a lot of work to keep the equipment making lots of money. Find a Professional Route Operator close to you on this site today!

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